Dec 052018

News briefs for December 5, 2018.

The UK Parliament released a 250-page previously sealed Facebook document that reveals how the
company handled crucial decisions regarding user data. The
reports that “In emails released as part of the cache, Facebook executives are shown
dealing with other major tech companies on ‘whitelisting’ for its platform” and that according to
British lawmaker Damian Collins “the agreements allowed the companies access to user data after
new restrictions were put in place to end most companies’ access. Companies offered access
included Netflix and Airbnb, according to the emails.” You can see the 250-page document here.

Australia plans to give law enforcement and intelligence agencies the ability to access
encrypted messages on platforms like WhatsApp, putting public safety concerns ahead of personal
privacy. Bloomberg
that “Amid protests from companies such as Facebook Inc. and Google,
the government and main opposition struck a deal on Tuesday that should see the legislation passed
by parliament this week. Under the proposed powers, technology companies could be forced to help
decrypt communications on popular messaging apps, or even build new functionality to help police
access data.”

Microsoft yesterday open-sourced Windows Forms, the WinUI (Windows UI Library) and WPF (Windows
Presentation Foundation). According to Phoronix, the full source code is available on GitHub and
the UI/UX frameworks are now open source under the MIT license. For more information, see this Windows
blog post

Iridium Browser
recently released build 2018.11.71 for Debian-based systems
. The new version is
based on Chromium 71.0.3578.30, and it’s available for Fedora and openSUSE as well. Iridium
Browser is “Iridium Browser is based on the Chromium code base. All modifications enhance the
privacy of the user and make sure that the latest and best secure technologies are used. Automatic
transmission of partial queries, keywords and metrics to central services is prevented and only
occurs with the approval of the user. In addition, all our builds are reproducible and
modifications are auditable, setting the project ahead of other secure browser providers.” You can download it from here.

announced the release of CrossOver
yesterday for both Linux and macOS. According to the announcement, “CrossOver 18.1
restores controller support for Steam on both macOS and Linux.
macOS customers with active support entitlements will be upgraded to CrossOver 18.1 the next time
they launch CrossOver. Linux users can download the latest version from

UK Parliament Releases Facebook Document on the Handling of User Data, Australia Set to Give Law Enforcement Power to Access Encrypted Messages, Microsoft Open-Sourced Windows UI/UX Frameworks, Iridium Browser New Release and CrossOver 18.1 Now Available
Source: Linux Journal