Sep 072018

News briefs for September 7, 2018.

Browser version 8.0
was released this week. This is the first stable
release based on Firefox 60 ESR, and it includes “a new user onboarding
experience; an updated landing page that follows our styleguide; additional
language support; and new behaviors for bridge fetching, displaying a
circuit, and visiting .onion sites.” You can download it from here.

On September 12, the EU votes on the Directive on Copyright in the
Digital Single Market
. Of particular concern are Article 13 upload filters,
“which would scan all content uploaded to online platforms for any
copyrighted works and prevent those works from going online if a match is
discovered”, and Article 11, which would require “anyone using snippets of
journalistic content to first get a license or pay a fee to the publisher
for its use online”. See The
Creative Commons
for information on the issues. If you’re in the EU, make your voice heard.

Indico, “provider of Enterprise AI solutions for intelligent process
automation”, announced a new open-source project named Finetune this week that enhances “the
performance of machine learning for natural language processing”. According
to the press release, this project “offers users a single,
general-purpose language model which can be easily tuned to solve a variety
of different tasks involved in text and document-based workflows”. See also
the Indico
for more background information.

Linux Mint announces that the
19.1 release
, code-named Tessa, is scheduled for November or December
2018. The upcoming version will be
supported until 2023.

Akademy 2018 videos
are now all online. You can download them from the repository or view
the YouTube Playlist

Tor Browser 8.0 Released, EU Votes Next Week on Copyright Directive, Indico Launches Open-Source Project Finetune, Linux Mint 19.1 Release to Come Late Fall, KDE's Akademy 2018 Videos Now Available
Source: Linux Journal