Apr 252016

A few days ago, the next  (long term support) release of Ubuntu was released code named Xenial Xerus.  Like many, I decided to upgrade, no, not like the last four times where I upgraded directly.  This time I decided to freshly install Ubuntu 16.04 because I started to run into the whole  “problems on top of problems” issue.  My other excuse was to see if  can write a pair of  scripts that can automate the backup/restore process. Which I was able to with the help of a fellow friend of mine: Simon Quigley.

I used 16.04 for maybe a week before the release to test out the script and to also test out the system.  I hate to say this but I don’t really see or feel a difference between the last LTS and this one.  Perhaps, I didn’t explore it enough because I didn’t have time or maybe I’m still a basic end-user.  The only two differences I that noted was that fact that my favorite IRC client, X-chat, isn’t the repos but I can understand that since it’s not being maintained anymore and the other difference is that the file manger got a makeover for external drivers (now listed as “Other Locations”).

Because of the difference that X-chat isn’t in the repos, I decided to switch to Irssi.   Also, I will kick off a new series of post titled, “What I use on Ubuntu”, and they will explain what programs I use and how I use them.

Svetlana Belkin: Ubuntu 16.04
Source: Planet Ubuntu