May 172018

A brief intro about myself
I am Rohit Kaushik (kaushik on IRC) from Delhi, India. I am currently pursuing B.E Computer Science at BITS Pilani, Goa. I am interested in Software Engineering, Machine Learning and Research. I usually spend my free time playing badminton, cricket or listening to music.
Last year, I worked on implementing Todoist for GNOME To Do and this time again I will be working on GNOME To Do, improving the two plugins that I wrote earlier and implementing newer features. I am grateful to GNOME and my mentor feaneron for giving me this opportunity.

About the Project

The project is aimed at improving todo.txt and Todoist error-free and support all the features of To Do. At the end of the project, we wish to have both the plugins in a usable and bug-free state. I am outlining the current list of task that I have planned to work on but any other suggestions are very much welcomed 🙂

Improvements to todo.txt plugin

  • Improve the parser and make it usable and bug-free
  • Add support for missing features, i.e list background colour, notes, subtask support
  • Handle edge cases in syntax parsing
  • Document the todo.txt syntax

Improvements to Todoist plugin

  • Move it outside GNOME Online Accounts – Currently Todoist uses GOA, for maintaining Todoist accounts and we wish to remove this dependency and have a login panel in To Do which manages user accounts.
  • Automatic synchronization of tasks and lists
  • Handling network loss and other failing cases.

I will keep this blog updated with the work in progress. If you have suggestion, please feel free to add them in comments or send me a mail.

Looking forward to a great Summer.


Rohit Kaushik: Working on GNOME To Do this Summer
Source: Planet Gnome