Jan 142019

News briefs for January 14, 2019.

announced the fourth version of its Librem laptops
The Librem 13 and 15 will be “now be upgraded with a 7th Gen Intel Core
i7-7500U Processor with integrated HD Graphics that still works with
coreboot. In addition, the Librem 15 display will be upgraded to 4K
resolution. Upgraded models are available now for purchase whether you pick
Librem 13: the road warrior
or Librem 15: the desktop
.” Note that the base cost will remain the same despite these
updates (the Librem
15 is $1599, and the Librem 13 is $1399).

announced the release of KDE Frameworks 5.54.0
. This release is part of a
series of planned releases for the 80 addon libraries for Qt that make up KDE
Frameworks. See the announcement
for the full list of changes/fixes and download links.

The Debian team announced
that “futurePrototype” by Alex Makas will be the default theme
for Debian 10 “Buster”. The theme was selected via survey from 11 submitted
themes; 3,646 people participated in the voting.

Linux kernel 5.0-rc2 is out. Linus wrote, “Were there some missing commits
that missed the merge window? Yes. But
no more than usual. Things look pretty normal.” For the full message, see the LKML.

Mozilla plans to disable Adobe Flash Player in Firefox 69, which should
launch in September 2019. According to Softpedia,
“The next step for Mozilla is then to remove support for Flash Player
entirely, so starting with early 2020, consumer versions of Firefox would no
longer work with Adobe’s plugin.”

Purism Announces Version 4 of Its Laptops, KDE Frameworks 5.54.0 Now Available, Debian 10 Default Theme Chosen, Linux Kernel 5.0-rc2 Is Out and Mozilla to Disable Flash in Firefox 69
Source: Linux Journal