Feb 042016

Just a little over a week ago I had the privilege of both attending and helping out at the Southern California Linux Expo. As someone who simi-frequently travels to other far away lands for Linux related software events, it is nice to be able to visit a place so close to home and see the impacts of a conference like this first hand.

The first portion of the conference involved me assisting and attending UbuCon at SCALE. What was different about this UbuCon, was that this UbuCon was a cooperative of both the Ubuntu community, and Canonical. All of the talks were amazing. One of the talks was about building a Juju Charm. Another was about gtting started in Free software as a career. I saw a keynote by Mark Shuttleworth, and also a member of my local community, Nathan Haines that have pictures right below. IMG_20160121_102222810
(Mark Shuttleworth giving an opening Keynote to the conference)

(Nathan Haines talking at UbuCon)

Once the Ubuntu mini conference ended, I was able to work with my favorite part of SCALE, The Next Generation. It is a part of SCALE, I work on. Here, we have Children from all over the country and beyond come and speak about the amazing things they are doing with Free Software. This year we had a child speak about statistics with R, that made me feel like I should know about statistics!

Below is a picture from a local high school that came out to present on some of the work they have been doing.

Needless to say, it was a great time and I cannot wait until next year!

Philip Ballew: Scale and Ubucon
Source: Planet Ubuntu