Sep 192018

Ubuntu is the basis for the majority of cloud-based workloads today. With over 450 million public cloud instances launched since the release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, a number that keeps accelerating on a day-per-day basis since, many of the largest web-scale deployments are using Ubuntu. This includes financial, big data, media, and many other workloads and use cases, which rely on the stability and continuity of the underlying operating system to provide the mission-critical service their customers rely on.

Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) was introduced for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as a way to extend the availability of critical and important security patches beyond the nominal End of Life date of Ubuntu 12.04. Organisations use ESM to address security compliance concerns while they manage the upgrade process to newer versions of Ubuntu under full support. The ability to plan application upgrades in a failsafe environment continues to be cited as the main value for adoption of ESM. With the End of Life of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in April 2019, and to support the planning efforts of developers worldwide, Canonical is announcing the availability of ESM for Ubuntu 14.04.

What did we learn from Ubuntu 12.04 Extended Security Maintenance?

Ubuntu 12.04 was the first Long Term Support version of Ubuntu to receive an Extended Security Maintenance. This couldn’t come at a better time, as in the last year IT departments have had to deal with major IT security and compliance issues: GDPR, Spectre, Meltdown, Stack Clash, Blueborne, Dirty Cow, SegmentSmack or FragmentSmack to name a few. In total ESM has provided over 120 updates, including fixes for more than 60 high and critical priority vulnerabilities, for Ubuntu 12.04 users.

Extended Security Maintenance gives the opportunity for IT, devops and security teams to take on a new approach to their OS update strategy:

Commercetools reduced operational risks and increased GDPR compliance across their legacy deployments thanks to Ubuntu’s Extended Security Maintenance) (link)

ITstrategen used Extended Security Maintenance to guarantee the continued security of its servers and saving its clients from costly application updates.

More about Ubuntu Extended Security Maintenance

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS – ESM will become available once Ubuntu 14.04 reaches its End of Life on April 30, 2019.

ESM is a feature available as part of Canonical’s commercial support package: Ubuntu Advantage. ESM can also be purchased on a stand-alone basis.

Contact the Canonical sales team to start planning for Ubuntu 14.04 End of Life or to talk about your Ubuntu 12.04 estate, and how Extended Security Maintenance could help you simplify your migration process, increase compliance and security.

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Canonical puts security at the heart of Ubuntu, in our practices, processes, compliance and the architecture of our products.

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Announcing Extended Security Maintenance for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS – “Trusty Tahr”

Sep 192018

You may be aware of Ubuntu Tweak application, it is great utility but it is no longer in development (discontinued) and developer abandoned this project 4 years ago. The last release was for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty/Linux Mint 17.x but the latest release also works fine in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial/Linux Mint 18.x. Ubuntu Tweak was mainly designed to manage Ubuntu system and desktop settings but it can also work in Ubuntu based distributions (some of the features won’t work if you are not using Unity desktop). It is easier to use, free and was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.
This utility offers many features which you can’t find in system and desktop settings options. It lets you change lots of things in your system such as: adding scripts to file manager, running cleaner, change themes, change login screen background and so on.


  • Change Fonts
  • Change system sounds
  • Change themes and icons
  • Configure login screen (lightdm)
  • Options for Desktop icons
  • Configuration for Unity
  • Workspace settings
  • File Manager settings
  • Add scripts to File Manager
  • Assign default program to file types
  • Source editor
  • System Cleaner
  • and more.

Follow these steps first to install Ubuntu Tweak in Ubuntu 16.04/Linux Mint 18/other Ubuntu 16.04 based distribution (Not for 14.04 Trusty)

Run commands in the Terminal:

Now add these lines in the opened file (Remove everything you have in the opened file “CTRL+k” then copy all these following lines and Press Ctrl+Alt+v -> Press Ctrl+o -> Press Ctrl+x)

Section: misc
Priority: extra
Standards-Version: 3.9.2
Package: gir1.2-vte-2.90-provider
Version: 1.0
Depends: gir1.2-vte-2.91
Provides: gir1.2-vte-2.90
Description: A proxy provider for gir1.2-vte-2.90 package
A proxy provider for gir1.2-vte-2.90 package

Then run these commands:

Now move to next step to install Ubuntu Tweak on your Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial.

To install Ubuntu-Tweak in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial/14.04 Trusty/Linux Mint 18/17 (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

That’s it

Ubuntu Tweak: Install It On Your Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial/14.04 Trusty/Linux Mint 18/17
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