Jan 212019

News briefs for January 21, 2019.

Orange Pi 3 SBC is now available. Linux
reports that the open-source hardware platform, Allwinner H6-based Orange Pi 3 SBC
is now available for $30, or for $40 with 2GB of RAM and 8GB eMMC. Also,
other highlights include “GbE, HDMI 2.0, 4x USB 3.0, WiFi-ac, and
mini-PCIe.” For more info, visit the Orange
Pi 3 AliExpress page

Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 have discovered
malware that targets Linux servers to mine cryptocurrency. According to
the Softpedia
News post
, this malware was launched by a group named “Rocke” to
“infiltrate into Linux systems and look for five different cloud
security products that could block further malicious activities on the
compromised hosts”. The article mentions that “Flaws in Apache Struts 2,
Oracle WebLogic, and Adobe ColdFusion are being used.”

Google recently released Chrome OS 73 for the Dev Channel, and the
new version has “quite a few new items related to Project Crostini, for
Linux app support”, according to the About
Chromebooks post
. One new feature is the “choice of running Linux
apps in either high or low density”, and another is “a new flag that
will enable backups of your Crostini container data files”. And, you now
can “share Android’s Google Play Files, My Files and even
Google Drive with Linux in the native Chrome OS Files app.” See also the
for more details.

Inkscape is finally reaching the 1.0 milestone after 15 years of
development. Softpedia
reports that Inkscape 1.0 will feature “an updated user
interface that offers better support
for 4K/HiDPI screens and theming support, the ability to rotate and
mirror canvases, new options for exporting to the PNG image format,
variable fonts (requires pango 1.41.1 or higher), as well as much faster
path operations and deselection of a large amounts of paths.”
You can download the pre-release alpha as an Appimage from here
and see the release notes here.

5.0-rc3 was released yesterday
. Linus writes that “This rc is a bit
bigger than usual. Partly because I missed a
networking pull request for rc2, and as a result rc3 now contains
_two_ networking pull updates. But part of it may also just be that it
took a while for people to find and then fix bugs after the holiday
season.” He concludes his release message with “Nothing particularly odd
strikes me.”

Orange Pi 3 SBC Now Available, New Malware Targeting Linux Servers to Mine Cryptocurrency, Chrome OS 73 for the Dev Channel Released, Inkscape Nearing Version 1.0 Milestone and Linux 5.0-rc3 Is Out
Source: Linux Journal