Oct 162018

  • Mail chew; administration & form filling, built ESC stats.
  • The increasing volume of sextortion SPAM I get is quite extraordinary
    and rather liberating given its comic lack of any basis. Interesting to
    see the large increase in purchase-order, payment related scams too –
    thank goodness our finance department are savvy (and run Linux Desktops).
  • Joined the LOT Network today; was
    extraordinarily impressed and pleased to see Microsoft’s unambiguously
    good move
    of joining OIN – was wisely preceeded by joining LOT – to
    avoid concerns about indirect trolling. Already had a great deal of respect
    for Microsoft’s engineers (having worked with some in the deepish past), now it
    seems they have commercial people to match. If you read the MS Legal VP’s
    quote I linked – it is interesting that he traces their open-ness back to
    open-sourcing ASP.Net in 2008. Miguel’s Mono project combined with his positive
    and constructive engagement with many good people inside Microsoft seems to
    have yielded much sweet fruit in the end. Which is of course not to say that
    the bad-cops did not play a role too, but – anyhow; most pleased at the positive
    outcome for all.

Michael Meeks: 2018-10-16 Tuesday
Source: Planet Gnome