Aug 172015

Being busy preparing for the GUADEC 2015 and also busy enjoying GUADEC 2015. I came back to Beijing in 15th, August and suddenly found I have a lot of blogs to finish. :) Here I’d like to spend some time to write a brief summary of the third step of my work.

In this step, what I did is to improve the search function of Gnome-Logs. Before the patch, you can only search the keyword like “systemd” and “pppd”. For example, if you type “systemd” in the search entry, and Logs will show you log entries whose _COMM field, _MESSAGE field, _KERNEL_DEVICE field or _AUDIT_SESSION field contains “systemd”. The picture below shows how it looks like.

But after the patch, search of Logs becomes much more powerful. If you have ever use journalctl, you must know how powerful the search of journalctl is. And now, we implement the same feature in Logs, which means you can use multiple field names and logical AND and logical OR combined to do search work in Logs. It’s a huge improvement for the search of Logs.

You can type the following search text as below:

_COMM=systemd _MESSAGE=disable + _COMM=pppd _MESSAGE=device

The space between two expressions means logical AND, and the ‘+’ between expressions means logical OR. After typing the search text above in the search entry, Logs will show you the log entries whose _COMM field contains “systemd” and _MESSAGE field contains “disable” and the log entries whose _COMM field contains “pppd” and _MESSAGE field contains “device”.

Before search, log entries shown in the GtkListBox.

The search result of the search text above

That’s it. This is a brief summary of my third step. If you have any question or wanna discuss with me, feel free to comment below.

A few more blogs will be coming up very soon. :)
Jonathan Kang: Third Step of GSoC 2015
Source: Planet Gnome