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Nutella is a tasty chocolate-hazelnut spread created in Italy in the 1940s by Mr. Pietro Ferrero. [1] It did not take long for this sweet treat to sweep across the globe, and Nutella is now an international sensation. It is delicious right out of the jar, but every day brings a new way to enjoy this wonderful spread.


Using Nutella as a Spread

  1. Spread Nutella on a slice of plain white bread. This is probably the most common way to enjoy Nutella, and certainly one of the simplest aside from eating it straight off the spoon (which is perfectly acceptable).
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    • Try it on a nice crusty baguette.
    • It’s also tasty on a toasted bagel.
  2. Top your waffles with it. As a quick online search will tell you, waffles and Nutella is a popular breakfast. It may not be healthy, but it is guaranteed to to be satisfying.
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    • Try warming the Nutella in the microwave for a few seconds (take care not to microwave it in the plastic container). It’s hard to beat a warm chocolate-hazelnut drizzle.
  3. Make mini Nutella sandwiches. If you’re looking for a quick snack, try spreading Nutella between two Ritz crackers.
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    • Some people prefer the saltiness of a Ritz cracker, but you may use any cracker you like.
    • Try spreading Nutella on wafer cookies. A lot like spreading Nutella on crackers, only a bit more indulgent. Certainly for those with a serious sweet tooth.
  4. Spread Nutella on bacon. The ultimate combination of sweet and salty.[2]
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    • Cook bacon to desired crispiness and let it cool.
    • Warm the Nutella over low heat while the bacon is cooling.
    • Using a spatula, and taking care not to break the bacon, coat the bacon in Nutella.
    • Refrigerate to let the Nutella set on the bacon.
    • Enjoy.

Pairing Nutella with Fruit

  1. Make a fruit tray with a Nutella dip. Nutella pairs well with almost any fruit.
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    • Slice an assortment of fruits. Try a mixture of bananas, apples, and berries.
    • Toss the sliced fruit with a little lemon juice to keep them from browning.
    • Arrange the sliced fruits on a tray in a ring, leaving a space in the center of the tray for a bowl of Nutella fruit dip.
    • Add a few tablespoons of Nutella to an 8 oz package of cream cheese and mix well. You may want to add some powdered sugar if you find the cream cheese too tart.
    • Pour the Nutella fruit dip into a small bowl and place in the center of the tray.
  2. Make fruit shish kabobs with a Nutella drizzle.
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    • Slice a mixture of your favorite fruits into large chunks.
    • Take the pieces of fruit and arrange them onto skewers so that each skewer has a nice mix of each fruit.
    • Warm some Nutella in a saucepan over low heat.
    • Using a wooden spoon or spatula, drizzle the warm Nutella over each of the fruit shish kabobs and serve.
  3. Use Nutella as a sauce for grilled pears. The sweetness of Nutella pairs well with pears grilled in a light coating of salt and oil.
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    • Slice a few pears in half lengthwise and rub with a little salt and oil. Avoid oils with strong vegetable flavors, such as olive oil. Instead, try to use a neutral oil or a sweeter oil like coconut oil.
    • You can use an outdoor grill or cook indoors in a cast iron skillet or grill pan.
    • Set the heat to medium-low and cook pears until soft, about 15 minutes.
    • Remove pears from heat and drizzle with warm Nutella.
    • Serve immediately.

Baking with Nutella

  1. Make cookies with Nutella. Use Nutella to spice up your favorite cookie recipe, or try these Nutella inspired cookies using hazelnut extract and cocoa.
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    • If you are using Nutella in an existing recipe, be mindful of the additional fat being incorporated into the cookie dough. Try replacing some of the butter with Nutella. For example, if you plan on adding 1/4 cup of Nutella to a recipe that calls for 1 cup of butter, try using 3/4 cup of butter instead.
    • Once the cookie dough is fully mixed, you can gently stir in a spoonful of Nutella to create a Nutella swirl.[3]
    • Nutella can also be used as a frosting for sugar cookies.
  2. Swirl Nutella in Banana Bread. Spread a layer of banana bread dough in the bottom of a loaf pan. Then, using a spatula or the edge of a wooden spoon, spread a layer of Nutella on top of the dough and swirl it throughout making an ’S’ shape. Alternate layering dough and Nutella, swirling after each addition of Nutella.
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  3. Make Nutella Brownies. For a nice hazelnut flavored brownie, try adding Nutella to the dough.
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    • Add Nutella with the other “wet” ingredients (butter, sugar, eggs) and fully incorporate.
    • As with the cookies, be mindful of the added fat!
    • Try swirling Nutella through the brownie batter instead.
  4. Make a no bake s’more with Nutella filling. These s’mores technically aren’t “baked,” but they are an excellent way to use Nutella.
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    • Replace the chocolate bar normally used in s’mores by spreading Nutella on one side of a Graham cracker. Grab another cracker and spread marshmallow fluff on it to avoid melting marshmallows over a campfire. A wonderful way to get your s’mores fix indoors.

Getting Creative with Nutella

  1. Make Nutella hot chocolate. When heating the milk for your hot chocolate, simply add a spoonful of Nutella. Whisk until fully incorporated and heated throughout.
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  2. Make a Nutella Grilled Cheese sandwich.
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    • Slice a banana.
    • Get some cream cheese. You can also use any cheese that melts easily.
    • Take two slices of bread and spread butter on one side of each slice.
    • Spread cream cheese on one side of one slice.
    • Spread Nutella on one side of the other.
    • Place banana slices between the two slices of bread.
    • Heat a pan on the stove over medium heat.
    • Place your uncooked Nutella sandwich in the pan.
    • Cook until warm throughout and bread is crusty.
    • Enjoy.
  3. Make a grilled cinnamon sugar and Nutella snack.
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    • Heat a pan to medium or medium low. Spray the pan with cooking spray to ensure a non-stick surface.
    • Butter a slice of bread.
    • Spread cinnamon sugar mix on the buttered side.
    • Cook with the buttered side facing up, until the cinnamon sugar melts into the slice.
    • Remove with a spatula. Do this with care as the slice will be very hot.
    • Flip over and grill the other side briefly. This is optional; it adds extra crunch.
    • Remove from the heat. Spread Nutella across the side without cinnamon sugar. The heat will cause the Nutella to ooze into the slice.
    • Eat immediately. As the bread slice is likely to be crispy after cooling, eat with a fork.
  4. Use Nutella in icecream. When making ice cream, add Nutella in once you’ve mixed the eggs and sugar together.
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    • Make sure the Nutella is blended completely before adding milk to the mixture.
    • Once the Nutella ice-cream mixture is complete, follow your ice-cream maker’s instructions.
    • You can also use Nutella as a topping for Sundaes.


  • Nutella can be found in the peanut butter aisle in your grocery store. Usually it is by the peanut butter.
  • These are not the only ways to eat Nutella, so try it on anything you like!


  • If you are going to share your Nutella, ensure that your friends are not allergic to nuts, particularly hazelnuts.
  • Nutella is sugary, so brush your teeth after you eat it or you might get cavities!

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