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Translated, Bonsai means “plantings in tray,” as bon means a tray or a low-sided pot and sai, plantings.
With these easy steps, learn to draw a simple bonsai tree. Simply put, you’ll learn to draw a miniature tree. Therefore, you can also alter these steps to draw a larger tree!


  1. Trunk and pot Step 1.jpg

    Draw a pot. It could be a square or round, depending on your preference. Then, start with the trunk as shown.

  2. Branches Step 2.jpg

    Add in branches.

  3. Leaves Step 3 1.jpg

    Draw ovals for basis of the leaves.

  4. Details Step 4 11.jpg

    Add in details! Scribble leaves as shown. Add rocks and molds to add a dramatic look to your tree.

  5. Outline Step 5 15.jpg

    Outline your bonsai and erase guidelines.

  6. Color Step 6 28.jpg

    Color it.

  7. Finished.
    Bonsai Intro.jpg
  8. Finished.

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