Apr 242018

Having just bagged out the 2018 Gashimov Memorial, I’ve return to the tournament to discover some interesting games. Topalov broke the run of draws in round 4 beating Mamedyarov, and followed it up with a win in round 5 over Navara. Carlsen then got into the act, beating Wojtaszek in the same round.
Topalov’s win over Navara contained a lot of interesting ideas and tactics. One thing that struck me was what was happening around move 20, where Navara won a pawn but conceded the Bishop pair. Obviously 2B v BN favours the Bishops, but is it worth a full pawn. Based on subsequent play, Navara may well have thought so, as Topalov offered an exchange of queens on move 25, which Navara declined. To my mind, if Navara thought he could cope with the Bishop’s he would have swapped off, otherwise he wanted to keep as many pieces on the board as possible.
In the end Topalov got the ending he was looking for, and with all the major pieces off the board, was able to win back the pawn, and convert the ending.

Navara,David (2745) – Topalov,Veselin (2749) [A07]
Vugar Gashimov Mem 2018 Shamkir AZE (5.1), 23.04.2018 new PgnViewer( { boardName: “game846”, movesFormat: “default”, pgnString:’1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 c6 3.Bg2 Nf6 4.O-O Bg4 5.d3 Nbd7 6.c4 dxc4 7.dxc4 e5 8.Qc2 h6 9.Rd1 Qc7 10.Nc3 Be6 11.b3 Bc5 12.Na4 Be7 13.Nh4 g6 14.h3 Kf8 15.Bb2 Re8 16.e4 Kg8 17.Rac1 Kh7 18.Nf5 Bf8 19.Ne3 Nb6 20.Qc3 Nxa4 21.Qxe5 Bd6 22.Qxf6 Nxb2 23.Qxb2 Qe7 24.Qc3 Bb4 25.Qe5 Qg5 26.Qb2 Rd8 27.a3 Rxd1+ 28.Rxd1 Bc5 29.Nf1 Rd8 30.h4 Qe7 31.Rxd8 Qxd8 32.b4 Qd4 33.Qc2 Be7 34.c5 a5 35.bxa5 Bxc5 36.a4 Kg7 37.Nh2 Bb3 38.Qe2 Qxa4 39.Nf3 Qa1+ 40.Bf1 Qc3 41.Kg2 Ba4 42.Qc4 Qxc4 43.Bxc4 Bc2 44.Nd2 Bb4 45.Bb3 Bxb3 46.Nxb3 c5 47.Kf3 c4 48.Nd4 Bxa5 49.Nb5 c3 50.Nd4 b5 51.Ke2 b4 52.f4 Bb6 53.Nb3 h5 0-1′, pauseBetweenMoves: 500, pieceSize: 29 } );

Is the Bishop pair worth a pawn?
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Apr 232018
banner:  Tony Cortizas, Jr.

Date Sunday, April 29, 2018
Event Format 4SS
Time Control G/30 d5
Sections 14 & Under, 8 & Under, and Non-USCF
Entry Fee $25, $20 for BCF members, $5 more at door
Prizes Trophies for 1st/2nd each age group and non-USCF section, medal for 3rd
Registration 10:00am – 10:20 am
Round Times 10:30am, 11:50am, 1:00pm, 2:00pm
Description 14 & Under and 8 & Under sections are USCF rated, and USCF membership is required. The Non-USCF section is open to all players who are no more than 14 years old (both rated and unrated players), and will not be rated by the USCF; thus, USCF membership is not required for the Non-USCF section.
Entry List Current Pre-Registration List

Apil Scholastic
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Apr 232018

Essential knowledge! Checkmate. That’s the aim of the game. There are numerous ways to checkmate the enemy king, but there are common patterns that recur over and over again, and having these at our mental fingertips is essential for when we want to finish the game. From Beginner to Brain-buster, this DVD presents 100 puzzles, divided into 10 groups of 10 positions. Naturally, Level 1 is the easiest, and the puzzles increase in difficulty right through to Level 10. You can jump in at whatever level you wish, but try to solve all ten positions on each level before you move on to the next.
Daniel King: Powerplay 26 Checkmate Challenge
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