Aug 042017

The Arch Linux developers have released the latest version of their popular rolling Linux distro in the form of Arch Linux 2017.08.01. The Antergos developers too have shipped Antergos 17.8 for the Linux beginners who wish to try out Arch Linux. Both these come with updated packages.
Often called a Linux geek’s first love, Arch Linux is not recommended for the light-hearted who wish to install their operating system with just few clicks. It aims to teach you a lot and develop a deeper understanding of Linux. And, with the arrival of August, we are here to share the news of the updated and fresh Arch Linux distribution.
The Arch Linux 2017.08.01 release can be burned to a CD or mounted as an ISO file. You always have the option to write the image to a USB disk and follow the installation instructions.
Please note that this release contains the upated versions of different packages. This release ships with Linux kernel 4.12.3 and occupies just 516 MB on a disk.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht

Arch Linux 2017.08.01 And Antergos 17.8 Released — Linux For Geeks And Beginners
Source: Full Circle Magazine