Aug 172015

When deciding mentoring organizations during GSoC preparations, GNOME was the
top one on my list. And I’m glad that I got it. Otherwise, I might not have attended GUADEC.

It was my first GUADEC and also my first International visit. I made new friends, who will always be there to send
me exotic chocolates from all over the world ;). Attended a large number of talks that opened my vision
toward the existing GNOME projects. Met my mentor who turned out even cooler than
expected (BTW he can fly Helicopter). Met some very cool people, the faces behind the success of GNOME foundation.
Loved the interns’ lunch, that was a great idea to connect with interns and to inspire them towards open-source contributions. I am gonna continue
contributing to GNOME.

Did some volunteer work, and I'm proud of it.

Did some volunteer work, and I’m proud of it.

I’m not a man of many words. But, I came in as a GSoC intern and left as a part of GNOME community.

Oh! By the way Liseberg park was fun, especially the _Atmosfear_.

Oh! By the way Liseberg park was fun, especially the Atmosfear.

Ankit: Sweet sweet GUADEC
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