Oct 212017

What are the most interesting live tournaments going on this weekend? We have compiled them conveniently in one place. Do you fancy to watch Ivanchuk take on Wei Yi in Hoogeveen? Or the new season of the German Bundesliga? Maybe the European Women’s Rapid and Blitz Championships in Monaco? The start of a new Corsican Circuit, and the SPICE Cup in Saint Louis are also on tap. | Photo: Pascal Simon
What to watch this weekend
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Oct 212017


This was a tough nut!

Its a graph problem. Its actually a combination of 2 problems in one! I have voted it as hard and given it my recommendation.

I went through the following resources (none has the actual solution but all serve as hints) to finally come up with a solution for it:


Tested and Accepted: http://www.spoj.com/status/ROBOTGRI,chandniverma/

Time complexity in the worst case: O(n^2 + E)
where n = number of rows (or columns) in the grid
and E = number of edges in the connected graph containing the starting cell ‘S’.

Space complexity: O(n^2)
Chandni Verma: [Problem3 SPOJ:ROBOTGRI] A problem for lovers of mazes!
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