Jan 212019

The World Rapid and Blitz Championships in St. Petersburg at the end of 2018 offered interesting insights into the openings. After all, some of the strongest players took part and many games were played over the five-day event. THORSTEN CMIEL had a closer look to see what opening trends may be in store for 2019.
The most recent opening trends
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Jan 212019

Hi everyone.
So i'm trying for the first time to do a dual boot of Fedora 29 from a boot pen.
I have alrealdy Windows 10 installed(i did a restore of the windows), I created a partition and the boot pen with Fedora media writer.
I did the Boot restart and started Fedora from the usb pen. After a lot of [ok] checks it got stuck in [ok] Started GNOME Display Manager and the following message started to repeat :
watchdog: BUG : soft lockup #CPU1 stuck for 23s!…

F29 BootPen instalation error: BUG : soft lockup #CPU1 stuck for 23s
F29 BootPen instalation error: BUG : soft lockup #CPU1 stuck for 23s
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Jan 212019

A quick update on last weeks post about theme changes:

We’ve made a 3.24.4 release, to fix up a few oversights in 3.24.3. This release does not include the new theme yet, we will push that to the next release.

We’ve also made another NewAdwaita tarball, which includes refinements based on some of the suggestions we received since last week.

Try it out, and tell us about it!

Matthias Clasen: Theme changes, revisited
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